Corporation details - Debitum Naturae [DMNA]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: batloard
Kills: 1122 HQ: OOO-FS IV - Moon 10 - True Creations Logistic Support
Losses: 1 Members: 257
Damage done (ISK): 599.28B Shares: 1000
Damage received (ISK): 0.21B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 99.96% Website:
All Diplo/Contacts:
Main Diplo:
Ni Jien AU/US
sk3iron AU
batloard US
Josshhh EU

DMNA members will not ask you for isk/assets/anything else to join the corp. If they do, contact Ni Jien
Debitum Naturae - DMNA - Get Tears, Money, More Tears?

So we are back.

Kalashni Kitty,
Best Kitty.

Smatri v local, ne na etet bio!

Diplomatic Contact:

Safer Red,
Then Blue.
Carebears and Macro's Beware.

Bring your blob, your carebears, your farmers.
We will rape you as soon as your masters leave.

Woof Woof, Doggie. And don't forget to fetch the mail.

Attrition; The act of burning your space down around you.

Your carrier, it defected..

You can't use our space just because you are blue.

A Squatter > we didnt want space just place to stay and pvp and get some isk so but u dont want neighbour and willing to enforce it on a scale which makes most genocides look innocent so we dont wanna fight that.
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Goonswarm Federation Bellum Irae
Goonswarm Federation
Association of Commonwealth...
5 2017-09-22