Corporation details - Enlightened Industries [ENL-I]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Kalus Ekkadon
Kills: 18443 HQ: 2P-4LS VIII - Moon 11 - Quafe Company Warehouse
Losses: 159 Members: 299
Damage done (ISK): 5,062.82B Shares: 3000
Damage received (ISK): 38.40B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 99.25% Website:
CEO: Kalus Ekkadon
Mobius Knot, longblade9969, River Zapata, Burlinton, Sam Dexy, Athena Sababah
Khandu Eesi, Houdini107, Yazad Antollare, Brilok Jogbar, Zyel Lightfire, Lucius Victus, minikill
Public/Recruitment Channel: ENL-I

Enlightened Industries is a vibrant corporation that has seen rapid growth since its creation, in terms of both size and strength. What brings ENL-I together is our friendship and urge to be a part of a community, and to help that community to grow. We have a strong management structure that is multi-skilled, and our member base - even our industrial pilots - are all combat capable.

We live in 0.0 space and are currently part of the GoonSwarm Federation. PvP is a big part of ENL-I life, however we also have miners and industrialists, but everything centers around PvP. We don't care about kill/death ratios but we do take pride in our prowess on the battlefield.

As a member of ENL-I you can expect to find us doing the following:

PvP ( alliance roams, coalition blobs, supercapital hunts, sov warfare)
PvE (corp mining ops, ratting, plexing)
Industry (production, ore buyback)
Logistics (carriers+jump freighter+rorqual+orcas)

For those wanting to rat on the side to earn isk then we can offer some gorgeous systems in Delve to do it in! Havens, Sanctums, plexes, escalations! You can do them solo or get a group up to do one. Our industrial arm is busy and bustling and there is always something happening, where it's a mining operation, something being built etc. As we live in 0.0 we're able to offer our miners access to the rare ores found only in nullsec. This means you earn more per hour than you would in highsec.

We have so much to offer our members, here is just a snippet:

- Fun and friendly environment which is well organised but also laid back.
- 0.0 warfare. Logistics, caps, supercaps, 1000+ blobs, even lowsec roams and gate camps, we can offer it all.
- POS access for research, invention, copying etc.
- Plenty of PvE action.
- Access to 0.0 ore.
- JC access.
- Generous SRP.
- Generous ORE/Salvage buyback scheme.

If you're interested in joining then please visit our public channel ENL-I.
Please note that Recuitment officers/managers and all directors are not allowed to scam,
If you get scammed by any other person the error is with you.

[19:06:36] Ghostbehr > 'females with Australian accents automatically accepted"

[19:57:02] Julie Goddard > i'm not overly fussed whats going on strategy wise i'm just here to kill shit
Ship class K L
Assault Frigate 125 5
Battlecruiser 1061 20
Battleship 1513 37
Black Ops 2 0
Cap. Industrial 1 0
Capsule 392 12
Carrier 228 5
Citadel 18 0
Command Destroyer 69 0
Command Ship 143 1
Covert Ops 199 6
Cruiser 1304 14
Custom Office 36 0
Deployable Structure 88 0
Destroyer 259 14
Dreadnought 110 3
Drone 0 0
Ship class K L
Electronic Attack Ship 33 0
Engineering Complex 52 0
Exhumer 3 0
Fighter 102 3
Force Auxiliary 33 0
Freighter 134 0
Frigate 474 6
Heavy Assault Cruiser 648 2
Heavy Interdiction Cruiser 177 0
Industrial 28 1
Industrial Command Ship 10 0
Infrastructure Modules 47 0
Interceptor 448 1
Interdictor 400 6
Jump Freighter 19 0
Logistics Cruiser 845 3
Logistics Frigate 33 0
Ship class K L
Marauder 4 0
Mining Barge 35 0
Mobile Warp Disruptor 51 0
POS Large 289 0
POS Medium 54 0
POS Module 7397 7
POS Small 126 2
Prototype Exploration Ship 0 0
Recon Ship 204 3
Shuttle 3 0
Strategic Cruiser 693 3
Supercarrier 20 0
Tactical Destroyer 285 0
Territory Modules 211 3
Titan 7 0
Transport 15 1
18443 Ships killed (5062.82B ISK) 159 Ships lost (38.4B ISK) 99.25% Efficiency (ISK)
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